October 15, 2018


No blog for  month and two in a day.

I just wanted to let you know that we already have quite a few appointments in December.

As we are closed from 24th Dec- 4th Jan, we will be extremely busy in December, so please plan ahead and book your appointment. (Hair grows, that is the fact)

Thank you,

Ryoko :)

October 15, 2018

Hi! Hope you are all well.

I went to Leicester this weekend to run a marathon.

It was so cold, wet and windy! 

I thought about changing my entry to half marathon, but I finished full!

I came back without visiting Richard Ⅲ though.. too wet and stiff legs!

I am back in the salon today. A bit stiff, but I can wash and cut hair, so no problem! :)

こんにちは。 皆様おげんきですか?






December 4, 2017

Hi! Hope you are well.

I get asked from my client about some recommendations in London.

So I thought I will make a list. Hope it helps!

Japanese Restaurant


I haven't been there since I moved home, but I liked the decor and friendly staff with quite authentic Japanese food.


Again, I haven't been there for ages (I don't really go to Japanese restaurant here. :))

But I like this Izakaya style restaurant.


This newly open...

November 7, 2016

Hi All,

Hope you are well and keep warm!

I have been avoiding using the word, Christmas!

But hey, it is November and getting cold and Christmas lights are up in the town, so I decided I mention Christmas now..

Usually, December is the busiest month at MOSAIQUE London.

We all want to look gorgeous for the Christmas dinners and lunches, also actual Christmas holiday itself, too.

So, please please book your appointment in advance for December appointment!!!!! (I can't emphasise more!)

Saturday and evenings during the week are usuall...

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