September 27, 2016

I'm going to Japan for a week, so the salon will be closed from 6th to 13th October. 
I'm sorry for any inconvenience it may cause. 

If you need to contact me while I am away, please send me email or massage me on LINE. 



大阪にいる間もEmail LINE Facebook は チェックしておりますのでお問い合わせがございましたら遠慮なくお申し付けくださいませ。

September 20, 2016

先週かれこれ5、6 年担当させていただいているRaquel が来店されました。
MOSAIQUE London 開店当時は偶然(!)同じ通りにお住まいでしたが、2年前かな?遠くに引っ越してしまわれましたが、地下鉄延々乗って来ていただいています。

Last week, Raquel, who I've been cutting her hair for about 5 or 6years(!) , came to the salon. 
She used to live in the same road as MOSAIQUE London, but they moved to North west London about two years ago.. I really appreciate she comes all the way from Wembley.. 
(and thank you All for coming from everywhere from south London, east London, North London West London, Essex, Kent, Oxfordshire, Cambrid...

September 12, 2016

Hi, hope you had a nice weekend. 
I run two half marathons this month, and
this Sunday, I ran the one near Dorking. 

私は今月ハーフマラソンを2つ走る事になっているのですが、昨日の日曜日はサリーのDorking という所で開催されました、バッカスハーフマラソンに出てきました。

It's called Bacchus Marathon! 
(Bacchus is a God of Vine, Grape harvest, winemaking etc.)


We started from a wine estate called Denbies and ran around North Downs. 
Yes, your guess is right, we drink wine as we run! 
There are 6 wine stations a ring the way! 
And they encourage us we...

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