February 28, 2018

It is snowing quite badly here. 

We are open as usual, but if you have an appointment with us today and difficult to get here, don't worry about rescheduling it. Your safety comes first!! 

Thank you. 


February 10, 2018

I hadn't written about Japanese immigrants museum in Peru yet. 

It is not related to hairdressing or my holiday, so please pass it if you are not interested. 

Also, I'm just translating the leaflet and what I read at the museum, so there might be mistakes, so please forgive me for that. 

I was very curious about Japanese people who left Japan for North and South America. 

I didn't know why and when they moved. 

And this museum gave me an answer (well, at least the one in Peru).  

When Edo period ended in 1868 and the emperor cam...

February 6, 2018


As you know or may have noticed, MOSAIQUE LONDON  is closed from 4th February for about a couple of weeks. 


( Thank you always for your understanding and support!! I am sorry for any inconvenience it may cause!) 


The reason why is as always, I (Ryoko) am away. 



You can't tell where I am, are you? 


Yes, I'm in Peru. 


As some of you already know, I have travelled South /Central America...

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