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Bit of update (27th June)

Hi, hope you are enjoying a little cooler weather this weekend. ( I am a polar bear myself, I can't survive 25+degrees, so today is good. :))

Since the last post, there was some change to the situation at MOSAIQUE LONDON.

Naoko got in touch with me yesterday and she can now come back in July.

Our original plan was, only one stylist and a client in the salon during July, but I found out last week that Naoko couldn't come back, so I took my appointment on some of Sundays.

I will still come to the salon for those appointments, but she is coming when I don't have appointment.

(Ahhh, it is complicating to write, sorry)

Please ask us if you would like to book with her, I will let you know her availability.

And there are also added safety measure below.

So, summary;

  1. Naoko is working on Sundays, Tuesday(Half day) and Thursday(Half day) but 5th and 12th are already booked. Means I (Ryoko) work half day on Tuesday and Thursday as well, but I work all day up to 9th July as I am already fully booked. We will monitor the situation and our shift is going back to normal.

  2. There will be only one hair stylist and a client during July so that we can manage social distancing thing and allow us to keep the salon clean.

  3. The first availability at the moment is on 14th July (Tue).

  4. We got the visors. I personally don't want to wear it all day for many reason, but I monitor the government's advice.

  5. No chatting during fringe cut

  6. Please bring your own mask for during the haircut. But you will get your hair on it (at least, it's yours), so please bring another one to wear on the public transport if you take the tube or bus. We can prepare the mask for sale (1 for 1pound), but it will be much cheaper if you buy them in Tesco, or choose one you can wash. It is much better for the envoiroment!!!

  7. Oh, the mask! Please Don't choose the one which go around your head. We can't cut hair with it. The one you put around the ear would be great.

  8. We have a parking space behind the flats next door. if you need to use it, please let us know when you book your appointment.

  9. We are not going to keep your belongings or jacket behind the counter when you visit the salon, please leave it on the empty chair, or keep valuables with you all the time. Thank you.

So, there is less than a week to go, I am really excited to go back to work, but at the same time, I am aware that there are still lots of people suffering or recovering from covid-19, I really hope their speedy full recovery.

And I would like to offer my sincere condolences to those who are grieving after they lost their loved ones.



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