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Announcement from MOSAIQUE LONDON


Hope that you are all well and enjoying the warm weather we finally have!

I have a news to tell you all.

Naoko is taking a time off till further notice, the last day is 7th September (Tuesday).

I will let you know when she comes back, but it is not the short period, it is what I can say here. (She is well, so don't worry.)

For the salon, Sudays and Tuesdays will be closed from 14th September, but from October, I might chenge it to Wednesdays and Sundays. (Please check the salon web page at the beggining of October)

But if you already have an appointment on Wednesday after 1st October, I will be there, so don't worry!

Since the pandemic happened, I started taking two days off rather than one day and it helps me to do more things for myself, resting, home things and most of all, studying.

I started leaning holistic health online and it is really interesting, and I want to learn further, so I would like to keep two days off basis.

It will be less flexibilities for you to book an appointment, but thank you in advance for your understanding.


ryoco nakai



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