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Dear Clients

Hi! Hope you are all well and looking forward to the warmer weather.

It is inevitable not to mention about COVID-19 everyday now, so I am writing this. (Even if it might be too late)

I started this salon in 2013 to create a space for our clients to have a relaxing time, escaping the hectic and stressfull life as well as providing a good haircut.

So, when this crisis started, we have intensified the cleaning routine and hand washing after each appointments.

I don't want our clients feel uncomfortable when they are in the salon.

I am sorry if you felt like we treated you like the virus.

We are relatively a small salon (Max 2 clients in the salon at a time), so it is still manageable.

But we need your help as well.

If you or your family member have any symptoms of COVID-19 (Cough, a high temperature, shortness of breath), or flu or common cold, and if you have been abroad in the last 2weeks, please reschedule your appointment.

If we catch whatever is going around, we might spread it to many people.

To be honest, I usually hate the last minutes cancellations, but in this ocasion, the safety of our clients and our health comes first.

We are open as usual till the government tells us not to like some European countries.

As a small business like us, we really appreciate your support. THANK YOU!!!!!

Lots of love.



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