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We are back! Well, soon.

Hope you have been well.

We are so excited we are finally reopen on 12th April.

You must be wondering what I have been up to the last 4month!

I really wanted to go back to Osaka to be with my family, especially when my father got sick and had to stay in hospital for 10days around New Year, then another few days a few weeks after that, but it wasn't the time (and still is) we could easily travel, so I stayed here in London.

Luckily, I have a few friends I can talk to here, and thanks to Zoom and all that kind of things to catch up with family and friends abroad, so I could stay positive most of the time.

And I got lots of messages from our client asking me how I was doing, that was really kind of you, Thank you!!!!

I started learning holistic home care online last month, which is exciting for me, as I want to gradually shift my business towards that way along with hairdressing in the coming years.

I also moved the flat in March, only 10minutes walk away from my old place.

Just wanted to change my scenery, and I love it.

10min more for the commute, but I am closer to the Thames, which is nice to stroll around.

I am looking forward to catching up with you all!!

See you very soon.

FYI, we are almost fully booked in April, only few slots availabe on 29th.

We are more flexible after May Bank Holiday.

Thank you for your booking!! x



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