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We will be back!!!

Hi all.

Hope you are all well and safe.

Since the last post about the safety measure, the situation has dramatically changed. Even though the government hasn't told us to shut the hairdressers yet, we have to take their advice of self isolation and social distancing seriously.

I have decided to close the salon till further notice.

I am sorry for a late notice. It was kind of easy decision to make, but we had a lot of thoughts about the clients who already have appointments. I know for a lot of people, haircut is not so important compare to rolls of toilet paper, but some others come to the salon to relax and forget about the everyday stress.

I was trying to find a way, but it's quite difficult as we do get very close and a lot of clients need to take the public transport to get here.

We also have to consider about your loved ones who might be vulnerable.

I will get in touch with the clients who already have an appointment personally in the coming days.

Huge thank you for the people who offered their support in this difficult time.

Hope to see you in the salon soon.

Stay safe, act sensibly.

Lots of love.



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