October 15, 2018


No blog for  month and two in a day.

I just wanted to let you know that we already have quite a few appointments in December.

As we are closed from 24th Dec- 4th Jan, we will be extremely busy in December, so please plan ahead and book your appointment. (Hair grows, that is the fact)

Thank you,

Ryoko :)

October 15, 2018

Hi! Hope you are all well.

I went to Leicester this weekend to run a marathon.

It was so cold, wet and windy! 

I thought about changing my entry to half marathon, but I finished full!

I came back without visiting Richard Ⅲ though.. too wet and stiff legs!

I am back in the salon today. A bit stiff, but I can wash and cut hair, so no problem! :)

こんにちは。 皆様おげんきですか?






August 9, 2018

Hi! Hope you are all well and enjoying the rainy weather for a change.

I am writing to let you know our schedule around Summer Bank holiday weekend.

The salon is closed between 26th August (Sunday) - 29th August (Wednesday).

Additionally, Naoko is off between 22nd August - 29th August.

As I am working by myself during her break, the appointment is filling up quickly for the evenings and Saturday, so please book your appointment early.

I am sorry in advance for the inconvenience it may cause.

Happy Holidays!


City of London Dr...

June 18, 2018

Hi! Hope you are all well and enjoying the warmer weather.

I went to Pizza Express Jazz Cafe ( Here)Soho on Sunday afternoon.

We saw  Phronesis (you can go to the link click here)  I sometimes play them in the salon.

I had seen them playing at Ronnie Scotts a few years ago and really liked it, so I got the tickets when I knew they were playing!

It was my first time going to the venue. It is a nice sized venue and you can have pizza etc or just have drinks.(that's what we did. We had Dim sum before we got there) 
It's a nice w...

June 13, 2018

Hi! Hope you are all well .

I can't believe it is already mid June !

The last post was about my Peruvian trip !

Gosh, time flies!

We have had a busy spring in and outside the salon .

In April , I ran my second Paris Marathon without sleeping the night before (again) and did quite badly.(but I finished! Yeah!)

Then MOSAIQUE LONDON became 5 years old. 

Thank you so much for your support!!!

In May, we had two Bank Holiday weekends.

The first bank holiday, I went to North Downs to run with some friends.

It was such a beautiful day.

The n...

March 14, 2018

Hi! Hope you are well! 

I realised that I hadn't written about the rest of the Peruvian trip, so I'll put some pictures. 

Machu Picchu 

It is a rainy season there, so I didn't see any sunshine while I was there. But it was still beautiful. 

Dry season is apparently around May - September if you are thinking of going. 

The flight from Lima to Cusco couldn't land and we needed to fly back to Lima for refuelling, so we landed about 4hours later than scheduled. One more bad things about travelling during rainy season! 

Otherwise, it...

March 11, 2018

Hope you had a nice weekend!

It's already close to mid March and we have Easter holidays soon, so I will update the Easter schedule.

Good Friday (30th March) Open from 12noon to 5pm (Ryoko only)

Easter Saturday (31st March) Open as usual (Ryoko and Naoko)

Easter Sunday Closed

Easter Monday (2nd April) Open from 12noon to 5pm (Ryoko only) 

For Good Friday and Easter Monday, I only do appointments, so please make an appointment if you would like to come. (I won't do pop in) 

The following week, Ryoko is running Paris Ma...

February 28, 2018

It is snowing quite badly here. 

We are open as usual, but if you have an appointment with us today and difficult to get here, don't worry about rescheduling it. Your safety comes first!! 

Thank you. 


February 10, 2018

I hadn't written about Japanese immigrants museum in Peru yet. 

It is not related to hairdressing or my holiday, so please pass it if you are not interested. 

Also, I'm just translating the leaflet and what I read at the museum, so there might be mistakes, so please forgive me for that. 

I was very curious about Japanese people who left Japan for North and South America. 

I didn't know why and when they moved. 

And this museum gave me an answer (well, at least the one in Peru).  

When Edo period ended in 1868 and the emperor cam...

February 6, 2018


As you know or may have noticed, MOSAIQUE LONDON  is closed from 4th February for about a couple of weeks. 


( Thank you always for your understanding and support!! I am sorry for any inconvenience it may cause!) 


The reason why is as always, I (Ryoko) am away. 



You can't tell where I am, are you? 


Yes, I'm in Peru. 


As some of you already know, I have travelled South /Central America...

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