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Japan trip 

Hi there, hope you are all well. 

It's already November , but I realised that I hadn't written about the Japan trip I went in October . 

The hair salon I used to work before I came to the UK had their 20th anniversary gathering and as a friend and MOSAIQUE London is their sister branch , I went back to Osaka for a week . 

It was really nice to see my old colleagues and meet new people. 

Also, as I visit them every time I go back to Osaka , I am happy to see the staff 's improvement. 

I think that the hair salon where the stylist want to stay for a long time is a good indication of how well they are doing as a business  and also how well they treat the staff. (of course , it is a good thing when they leave to set up their business and be successful! ) 

I hope their success years to come!

(it says 20th anniversary thank you party ) 

With the owners. 

It's a few days before the party when I visit the salon to give them a bottle of wine as a gift . 

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