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July Schedule


Hope you are well and enjoying the warmer weather!

I was in Japan the end of May and it was really warm, about 27℃ everyday, when I got back to London, it was like 12℃, and never got warm for a while, I feared we don't have summer this year.😂

One of my morning walk

Anyway, I am writing to let you know some irregular schedule for July.

We are usually closed on Wednesdays, but I am working some of them in July, 3rd (limited availability for a haircut⇒booked, no longer available), 10th (afternoon), and 24th (afternoon).

Naoko is taking a day off on 20th (Saturday).

We are closed on 22nd (Monday).

Please book in advance if you would like to get a fresh haircut, colour or whatever to get ready for your summer holiday especially if you would like to book during the weekend and in the evening during the week.

Thank you for reading.



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