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C Word

Hi All,

Hope you are well and keep warm!

I have been avoiding using the word, Christmas!

But hey, it is November and getting cold and Christmas lights are up in the town, so I decided I mention Christmas now..

Usually, December is the busiest month at MOSAIQUE London.

We all want to look gorgeous for the Christmas dinners and lunches, also actual Christmas holiday itself, too.

So, please please book your appointment in advance for December appointment!!!!! (I can't emphasise more!)

Saturday and evenings during the week are usually busiest, so please book now (Yes, now) if you know your schedule.

As lots of our clients know, I always go back to Japan at the end of year and I am heading home in the evening of 24th December and will be back in the salon on 7th January 2017.

I will write about it later.

It is just for a reminder today.:)

Thank you.


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