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Ash blonde highlights

Hope you are enjoying this summer weather. 

I'm not only running and having holidays. 

I am a hairdresser and thought, I need to post some pictures of hair styles. (I always forget taking pics) 

So, here is one. 

I didn't take before picture, but she had hair colour about two months ago and the dyed part was getting brassy and she wanted to go lighter for summer. 

It looks quite natural on this picture, but I did bleach twice with foils and for the roots, I used dark ash brown, for the highlight bits, I used light ash violet as toner to get rid of yellow colour. 

Bleach twice sounds scary, but now, we have Olaplex to protect your hair, so the hair is still strong. :) 

I recommend her using violet shampoo to keep it cool colour. 

Thanks for reading. 


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