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Hi! Hope you are well.

I get asked from my client about some recommendations in London.

So I thought I will make a list. Hope it helps!

Japanese Restaurant


I haven't been there since I moved home, but I liked the decor and friendly staff with quite authentic Japanese food.


Again, I haven't been there for ages (I don't really go to Japanese restaurant here. :))

But I like this Izakaya style restaurant.


This newly open Japanese tapas serves yummy fusion style Japanese food.

You must try their Dashi Broth soup (Ochazuke) at the end of the meal!

I will update more when I come up with more places.

Beauty treatment

I have my eyelash perm (I know) every 1.5 month at this North London private beauty room run by Junkosan.

She also does eyelash extension and semi permanent make up ( I had it on my eye blows and it saves so much time in the morning!).

She is very knowledgeable and professional.

Japan Trip

Even though I was born and raised in Japan, there are so many places in Japan I have not visited. (I left Japan when I was 24 and every time I go back, I tend to visit only Osaka and Kyoto)

My client Himanti lived in Japan for a few years and has gone back travelling there so many times.

She has worked in the travel industry here and has in depth knowledge about Japan and she started her agency to introduce places in Japan. (She gave me an advice where I should go this new year when I am there. Lol :))

She can customise your trip according to your schedule and budget.

Even if you have already visited Japan, I am sure she can recommend you the new exciting places to visit.

She is also specialised in her native country Sri Lanka and also Maldives.

Check her web page so that you can see what she is offering. It looks amazing!

Japanese Grocery Shop

There is Japan Centre in Piccadilly Circus, but I usually go to Rice wine shop in Soho.

It is a small shop, but they have most of Japanese cooking ingredients I need.

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