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September schedule and summer break 


Hope you are enjoying this summer weather. (I heard it's gonna be much cooler tomorrow!)

At the moment, Naoko is taking a time off in Japan (she is back in the salon on 7th Sep), so the schedule is quite booked up, so please book in advance if you would like to make an appointment next week.

Other than that, no holiday booked in September. :)

I took a time off last week and went to Lausanne in Switzerland.

It was really beautiful!

Day 2-4 was either cloudy / rain, but I had a really good time and could chill out with a friend. Feeling refreshed and thinking about the next trip. :)

(I even managed to go for a jog by the lake.

Maybe Lausanne marathon next year?)

Then, this bank holiday weekend, I was invited to a 20th anniversary lunch in Brighton by the owners of the hairdresser I used to work for before I set up MOSAIQUE.

Brighton can be really nice if the weather is right. (Sorry Brighton, but when it is cloudy and windy, it is miserable, really.)

Thank you..❤️❤️


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