Skiing Trip 

Hi! Hope you are all well! I have noticed the day is getting longer everyday, which is really nice feeling. :) I went to Switzerland for a skiing trip last weekend.

I think it was about 20 years ago when I last went skiing, and I had only done it 3times, so I am pretty much a beginner. But luckily, I went with a friend who is an advancd skier and really good at teaching, so by the end of the trip, I didn't feel too scared, and most importantly, came back intact! ( which some of my clients were kindly worried about!😂)

↑this pic was taken on the first day, this smile is fake. I didn't particularly make any new year's resolution, but I would like to try doing things I hadn't done because of my job commitment, the fact I am not naturally sporty or good at doing something. I started going to tennis lesson once a week, I hadn't done it before (even though I live watching it) I am rubbish, but I enjoy it!

And don't worry, for me, being a hairdresser comes first! 😊

Next trip is to Seville, for a marathon. I will be away from 21st -25th February. Naoko will be looking after you on 22nd and 25th, so if you need to book, please do so in advance. Thank you for reading. Ryoko

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